About Us

Howdy, HowToWebs readers! 😀Welcome to HowToWebs – A Platform to solve tech, android, windows, iPhone related issues.

HowToWebs is a blog about tech, android, windows, iPhone.Our goal is to provide easy-to-digest content that helps you understand various aspects of the Tech, plus what you can build with it. Every week, you can expect new tutorials, lists, comparison posts, and highly researched pieces that go into the inner workings of Blogging and how to get the most out of it.

How LiteBlogging Started?

I launched the HowToWebs blog back in February 2020. The original idea was to teach our new internet users how to solve their daily issues with internet, android, iPhone or windows

Who Is The Owner?

I am Dibakar Samanta The person behind this blog. I am currently running running this blog with my study.