How to Grow YouTube channel in 2021

Youtube is the biggest platform for sharing videos. We can also earn money from the site or app. Some people make a channel for their earning. They always want to grow their channels. I have made some tricks to grow the channel. You have to follow the steps to grow your channel.   It is too hard to grow YouTube channel in 2020. You have to do hard work. As there is huge competition. To grow your channel you have to follow the tips.There are some tips and tricks to grow your YouTube channel to grow your channel

Which type of YouTube videos grow fast:

Publish a video about a new matter which is no one used before or used 3 of 4 users. If you do this, you can get all the views on that matter.   You can find funny videos or facts or unboxing channels are growing faster than other YouTube topics.

Give tags in your YouTube videos:

To find tags you can search in google or you can use tools. The tool I have used for my videos is love. You can find a high CPC keyword from here. If you do not know How do I add tags to my YouTube channel You can easily learn how to give tags in YouTube videos from YouTube. Search in YouTube

Add cards and end screen to your videos:

Give the subscribe button in the end screen and cards. Go to the YouTube desktop and create the settings. If you do not know how to do this, you can see videos. You can also give playlists in cards and give videos on the end screen.

What should I put in my YouTube video description:

Give playlists links in the video description. And give a helpful description. Give your social media links to contact you.

Is it illegal to buy YouTube subscribers:

Yes, it is illegal. If you buy views and subscribers from any third-party apps or websites, you can demonetize. Or your ads will not show or your channel can terminate. So be careful. But you can use sub4sub with your friends. 

Which type of # tags to add for YouTube videos:

Give ‘#’ in description like ” #satwik ” Give video related #tags to the description. This can depend on your video ranking on YouTube. # tags will be vide related. If you make a video on ” how to approve for Adsense”, you can add ” #adsense, #adswnseapproval” related keyword on your YouTube title or description.

Select a unique YouTube channel name:

Give a unique name of your channel. Because you will be new. If you give a name that is already on YouTube, your ranking percentage will be low as your competitions are working on YouTube before you and YouTube trust on them then you.

Post great thumbnails:

It is a very small thing. But it can help you to get more views to your channel. If your thumbnail is big and attractive, people will click on your videos. You can also download other youtube video thumbnail and reuse it by doing some minor changes. You can download it with the youtube thumbnail downloader tool.

Promote channel and videos on social media:

Share video links on social media. You can get massive traffic from social media. Like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If tour traffic will get only from social media, alert. Because your channel ads can be limited. So share video links in the limit. Try to get traffic from Google and YouTube. You can connect your channel with every social platform. You can advertise your channel through your blog. You can add your social media links to your video description so that tour subscribers will follow you and get your latest video notification fast.

Create Backlinks for your videos:

Create backlinks for your YouTube videos. I have made a list of backlinks making sites. You can see this. You can make YouTube backlinks with a simple process. Just search in Google, ” YouTube backlinks generator” after this, you have created a backlink on every site. In those sites, you have to paste only your video link or id. If they ask you for a video link, you have to give the video link. If they ask you for a video id, only share the tour video id.For exampleYouTube video link:   Youtube video id: DdqbNcKUs2M   Id means the portion after the ” / “.

Invest some money to grow your YouTube channel :

Invert some money for your channel advertising or buy subscribers or buy monetize pack Video tyes make helpful videos, don’t male fake videos. If you make any fake videos, visitors will not come again and do not subscribe to you.

Advertise your channel:

You can advertise your channel through google ads or google ads alternative for 1 or 2 months. If your channel is monetized, the views will not count. If your videos are not monetized, your views will count. You can get massive traffic to your channel through google ads.

Make videos on recent activities to grow your YouTube channel:

Make videos about recent things like. Ranu Mondal in India. Recently some YouTubers make videos on Ranu Mondal and they become popular. You can find the latest search topics on Google Trends.

Use copyright-free things:

Do not share any creative common videos. This will affect your ranking. Use copyright free music, image, and background to prevent copyright strikes.

Make videos with consistent to grow your YouTube channel:

Do not think about earning. Make videos with consistent. Male at list one video per 3 days. Make videos with consistent. But do not make any fake and copyright and already used topic videos. Make unique content videos. If you consistently make 100 videos, you can easily get your 100 to 1lack subscriber.

Get more traffic to YouTube video with quora:

Some of my visitors can here about quora. This site is popular for a question, answers. We can earn money from the site. We can also earn subscribers from the site. Example: suppose I have made a video about ” How to grow YouTube channel “. Now I want to get traffic. So I have open quora. Then we have searched here ” how to grow YouTube channel in 2020 “. Then we can find so many answers. Click on the answer button. Now write some about your video. At the end write ” watch video “. Now click on the link and give your video link here and post it. After someday, you can find your traffic will boost.

Increase watch time on youtube videos:

The benefit of increasing video watch time:If you increase your video watch time, your video will be ranked. Also, watch time is very important for monetization. 

Use tube buddy to get more views and grow your channel:

Use Tube Buddy to connect your YouTube videos to get views from your one videos to another

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