how to reinstall android os in 2022

Why Do We Need to Reinstall Android OS?

Sometimes we need to reinstall Android OS because we can’t download any new apps or we want to install a new one and we need to reinstall the latest version of Android OS for this.

Step 1: Back up data

Before we uninstall the old version of Android OS, we will back up data to prevent any data loss or corruption.

Step 2: Clear old data

We need to remove the old version as well as the cache and data to make enough space for installing the new version.

Step 3: Download new version

Before we install the new version, we will need to download it and we will need to make sure we have the right version for the device we want and we will need to make sure we download the files and remember where we saved them, including the downloaded files and the location we saved them to.

Step 4: Extract downloaded files

Extracting this file is optional but we will need

How to Reinstall Android OS on Phone through PC Software
Luckily, if your phone ever has a technical difficulty and needs to be restored, there are many methods of reinstalling the operating system. The steps below will guide you through using a computer to reinstall Android OS on your device.

You will need to connect your phone to your computer with an USB cable, and make sure you have your phone’s data backed up.

Begin by downloading the Android SDK Development Kit, visit here.

Then, open Android SDK Manager and make sure to update to the latest revision.

Once installed, click the “Tools” tab and select “Android.” Next, click “SDK Platform” and select “Android 9.0. Click here for latest version.” Click “Install packages” to download and install.

Next, Click “SDK Tools” and “Android 9.0.” Click “SDK Platform” and select “Android 9.0. Click here for latest version.” Click “Install packages”

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