How To Unblock Website From Pinterest

in this blog post I am gonna show you how to unblock website/domain from Pinterest. because you already know that you can get massive number of traffic from the USA, UK, Canada. but you can not share your blog links if Pinterest blocks your domain or website.

if your domain has been already blocked by Pinterest then you can follow the steps I have shared in this post. if not, then you can the point where I have shared you to save your domain from Pinterest. how you can share links without spamming.

why Pinterest block your domain:

I have been on Blogging field more than 2 years. I have done so many experiments.
At the beginning, I have started searching how to get traffic to your blog. Then I got a video on youube where the guy showed me how can pinterest help us to get sales and traffic.
Then I immediately created a pinterest account and started making pins.
But after some months, I got a mail form pinterest. I saw that they told me your pinterest account has been suspended and your site url has been blocked.
After deeply researching, I came to know that pinterest block websites because of spaming, downloading content and more illigal things.

So don’t try to do that. In my case, they blocked my website for spaming. Because I usually pined my website posts more than 5 time a day.

how to protect your domain from Pinterest:

The first thing I want to tell you that do not make movie, content downloading site. Or don’t do any illigal things.
So if you want to pretext your site from pinterest, then I will recommend you to post only 3 pins a day from one website.

how to unblock your website from Pinterest:

Now I am going to show you how can we unblock our website or domain from facebook. To unblock your website from facebook, you have to go to pinterest help. Where you have appeal to pinterest team.
How can I unblock my suspended pinterest account:

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