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 In July this year, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications, asserting that the Indian Internet was dominated and corrected. Next, we suggested alternatives to various Chinese applications for better security. What’s more, the Indian government currently has banned PUBG Mobile, with another 117 Chinese applications in the mainstream battle royale game. Without a doubt, it became a huge stun because India was possibly the largest market for Tencent. Anyway, since the public authority has formally denied the game, we have considered some PUBG options. So immediately, how do we feel to find out the best games like PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS?

Best Battle Royal Games Like PUBG Mobile (2021)

We have carefully curated the 10 best games such as PUBG Mobile for both Android and iOS. We have deployed the list below, relying on understanding interactivity, for which PUBG was so well known and common in the realm of gadgets – from financial planning to high-end gadgets. To search continuously, you can tap on the connection given below and learn about games like PUBG Mobile.

1. Handheld Liability: Mobile

A year ago, Call of Duty: Mobile was dispatched to give PUBG Mobile a solid rivalry for both Android and iOS. Now quickly and sports have built a solid network in India, similar to PUBG Mobile. Also, since PUBG has been banned, this is the ideal opportunity to try this amazing Battle Royal game.

In addition, COD: Mobile is distributed by Activision, a US-based studio so that odds are practically nothing to ban the game. The best thing about Call of Duty: Mobile is that it offers everything you were supposed to play on PUBG. You have 100-player Fight Royal mode, 5v5 deathmatch, multiplayer modes like Cod Black Ops and much more.

Along with this, you can open your character, weapons, new characters, get rewards, and get significantly more. The best thing is that the game takes up around 2GB capacity and runs really well on spending Android gadgets so that it can suppress PUBG mobile enough in the Indian market. Actually, now, Call of Duty: Mobile is the best PUBG elective you can jump on.


100 Player Battle Royale

Other multiplayer games also highlighted

Feasible with both financial planning and high-end gadgets

Takes up to 2GB of capacity


Network is generally more polite than PUBG

Download: Android, iOS (buys free, in-app)

2. Fortress

With Apple’s App Store in India and PUBG expelled from the banned Fortnite, this is an ideal opportunity for Epic to tap the Indian market. Since more than 75% of Indian cell phone customers use Android, Fortnite has the opportunity to become big here. However, there is one thing that puts me in the runner up and that is its humble download size and similarity prerequisites.

Not a failure to remember, Fortnite has been additionally removed from the Play Store, although you have the option of sideloading the game through your store. The installation cycle is somewhat consistent and you can learn how to introduce Fortnite on Android without the Play Store from our guide. Going in opposition to my theory, the Fortnite has a capacity of around 8GB, which is a major request to spend Android gadgets exclusively in India.

What’s more, Fortnite requires Android gadgets running Android 8 or higher, 4 GB of RAM at any rate, GPUs that expose Adreno 530 / Mali G71 or higher, and in conclusion, high-powered processors. For a middle. In different words, in the event that your Android gadget comes with a Snapdragon 8-arrangement processor, at that point you’re all set. In addition, some 6-arranging processors are currently set to deal with Fortnite.

Moving towards interactivity, Fortnite is a game that is fundamentally similar to PUBG Mobile. You have four special modes: 100-player Fight Royal, Party Royale, Creative and Save the World. Gathering Royal is similar to PUBG’s Cheer Park; Creative is the place where you can build your own island and save the world. A community tower safety defender endurance game.

I’ll be talking about interactivity, Fortnite is actually better than PUBG Mobile in a way. Also, currently another foreshadowing season has started, you cannot miss this opportunity.


Top notch design

100 Player Battle Royale

Multiple gaming modes

Interactivity is fantastic


Need high reserves

Not viable with all gadgets

Download: Android, Samsung Galaxy Store (buys free, in-app applications)

3. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

If you are not yet open to bouncing in high-range battles, Free Fire – Battleground may be the game you would love to evaluate first. The controls are fully screened and can easily be detected, yet the feature for you is that you need to contend with 49 different customers in a 10-minute window to make it to the end. It is a fast game to sharpen every single point of view before an extreme battle.

Free fire pub

Fight Royale mode fundamentals continue as before. You’ll leave on a distant island and must search for great weapons, such as medkits, and stay inside a protected area to win the battle.

You can also shape a 4-man crew and talk and build a system with in-game voice travel. Their designs are smooth, so you won’t really face any slack during the ongoing conversation.

The experts

49-Player Battle Royale

Loot and shoot

Supports in-game voice talk

Very great illustration


Weapons are restricted

Does not appear to act hostile to imitate

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchase starting at $ 0.99)

4. Pathetic Land: Fight for Survival

Audacious Land: Fight for Survival is another game like PUBG that has received rave audits from the portable gaming network. It is a possible PUBG elective that endures as its principle subject. The game has an endurance mode where you can play against 121 players and the only survivor dominates the game.

5. Sad Land: Fight for Survival

It has an Asian flavor in its current conditions and you will end up at home. You can drive a helicopter, land in new places and face deadly landmarks. What’s more, the game is not just about firearms and weapons, although you need a fast required aptitude like PUBG to win goals.

As well here, you are trapped by a risk zone and you must be inside a protected area to proceed with the game. Also, at best, it is viable with the scope of Android gadgets. With over 50M downloads on the Play Store alone, all things considered, Hopeless Land is a fit business for PUBG Mobile on both Android and iOS.


121 players compete Royale

Asian Stylish Climate

Fly in helicopter

Important games like PUBG


Does not appear to work against fraudulent structures

Download: Android, iOS (buys free, in-app)

5. Battle Royal

As the name proposes, Battlelands Royale is a battle royal game similar to PUBG Mobile, yet with a crazy fun twist. This is not your easy blood-filled shooter game, but brings an atmosphere of adorable characters and a silly conversation. Be that as it may, you have a primary theme: a 32-player battle royale game, where haughtiness does not stop.

Likewise, one of the things I love about Battlelands Royal is that here you do not need to stand by atoms to start the game. Just tap on the play catch and you’re on parachute – now feel free to loot, shoot and bear. The battle royale lasts no more than 3 to 5 minutes.

You can play the game in performance or team mode and you need to rule your territory from all sides. The guide is also a similar film and you should play the game to know about the various positions. Battlelands Royal is a sensational game like PUBG Mobile and you can play it to satirical satisfaction.

The pros

Fun and spontaneous battle royale

Fast death

Supports single or team mode

Highlight Kitty Guide


No-nonsense for gamers

Download: Android, iOS (buys free, in-app)

6. Scarfall: The Royal Combat

ScarFall: Royale Combat is a special ability on this rundown. It is one of only a handful of fighting royal games made by an Indian studio. According to YourStory, “Scarfall emerged as one of the top Made-in-India applications in gaming classification in the new AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge dispatched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

6. Indestructible Destruction

So in the event that you need to get in and out of the Chinese-sponsored Battle Royale game, Scarfall would be a capable pick at the time. For ongoing conversations, it is on both web and disconnected multiplayer gaming modes. You should make due to the contracted safe zone and you will have 3 opportunities to dominate the match.

On the off chance that you need to play solo or in a 4v4 crew mode, you can do as well. For your data, ScarFall offers both third-person and first-person shooter modes. Essentially, regarding the theme and interactivity, ScarFall appears to be similar to PUBG Mobile and with 1M downloads effectively on the Play Store, it’s a simple pick.


Design is very acceptable

Both disconnected and online multiplayer modes

Supports FPS and TPS

Developing a group of people


Some insects are

Isolates some attempts to connect with players

Download: Android, iOS (buys free, in-app

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